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Islam In America - Muslim Population and Growth

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Muslim Population and Growth.

Is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world? Is it the fastest growing religion in America? The demographics tell us that the answer is yes to both questions.

Establishing population demographics for Muslims is not easy. Even without completely accurate statistics, we find numerous independent studies in fairly close agreement. Most major studies estimate a worldwide Muslim population for the year 2000 at roughly 1.25 billion people; that is, about one-fifth or 20 percent of the world’s population.13 In comparison, Christianity is the largest religion in the world with about 33 percent of the world’s population.14

According to most reports, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.15 For example, in Europe, according to United Nations statistics, between 1989 and 1998 the Islamic population grew by more than 100 percent (to about 14 million or 2 percent of the population).16 At the current rate of growth it is estimated that Islam’s population by the year 2025 will be 1.9 billion (about 24 percent of the total European population).17

One of the most common misconceptions or stereotypes Westerners have about Muslims is that most of them are Arabic. “The major sections of Muslim populations are concentrated in Asia and Africa. Muslims are, by and large, people of color.”18 Missiologist Roland Miller relates that more than 68 percent of all Muslims live in Asia and more than 27 percent live in Africa. Indonesia has roughly 15 percent of the world’s Muslim population. In South Asia almost one-third of the world’s Muslim population live in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.19

Just how is the Muslim population growing? The growth rate of Islam in Western nations (including the US and Canada) primarily comes through: a high Muslim birth rate and immigration (e.g., Muslims moving to the United States), not from converts (non-Muslims becoming Muslims). As we shall soon note in regard to converts, however, two groups are vulnerable to Muslim evangelism.

In 1995 there were some 4 million Muslims in France, 1.9 million in Germany, and 1.5 million in the UK, accounting for 7 percent, 2.4 percent, and 2.7 percent of the overall populations respectively. In 1998 7 percent of babies born within the European Union were Muslim, in Brussels it was as much as 57 percent....This growth comes primarily through immigration and a high birth rate.20

It is difficult to estimate accurately the total number of Muslims in the United States and the rest of North America. Research scientist Carol Stone states that “it is still unclear how many Muslims currently reside in America...because of a lack of reliable information about Muslims in this country.”21

There are several main reasons why this is so. First, for the past 50 years the United States government (unlike some countries) has not included questions about religious affiliation in its census.22 Dr. James Dretke, executive director of the Zwemer Institute, states that a second factor “is the fact that Muslims do not join mosques as Christians join churches, so it is impossible to count them from membership rolls.”23 Roland Miller gives a third reason: “Religious statistics are notoriously difficult to compile because of affiliation questions and reporting problems. Muslim statisticians routinely give higher figures.”24

Nevertheless, both Christian and Muslim sources assert that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States.25 The Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches 2000 gives the figure of 3,950,000 Muslims in America today.26 Islamic Horizons states that there are eight to ten million Muslims in North America.27 The most common figure cited (the statistic the United States government regularly uses) is about six million.28 The largest concentrations of Muslims are in California, New York, and Illinois — with an estimated 400,000 in the Chicago area.29

While specific figures may be debated, what cannot be debated is the phenomenal growth of Islam. According to United Nations statistics, the Muslim population in the United States grew by 25 percent between 1989 and 1998.30 In 1990 there were only about 50 Islamic schools in America. Today the number is over 200.31 Since about 1990 the number of “registered Islamic centers and mosques” has tripled to “more than 2,500.”32


+2 # Adela 2014-03-22 07:58
Exceptionally well written!
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-22 # Ma Sha Allah islam is preading world wide now may Allah give us good ending as muslims.ummil-khairat Jaabir 2014-05-06 15:31
We should keep on emphasizing our fellow non muslims to come to islam, as we where told to spread our religion.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+5 # Ishallahmu dear 2015-09-21 12:10
Historically all that this religion spread was war, fear, cruelty, greed, oppression
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-1 # Mr.John 2015-09-30 15:15
Christians are told the same thing. I have an idea. Let each person decide for himself. Or is that far beyond the reaches of the human mind. A person who is forced to convert is not a real convert. He may go through the motions, but he will never have the religion in his heart, mind, or soul. Better to gently lead him with love. And that is what I believe you are saying when you use the word "emphasizing". Am I right?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Otis Philips 2014-05-30 03:02
i'm feeling :D about learning this! :lol: :lol:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+3 # duaid 2014-06-16 11:14
:roll: masha allah ...., its true that islam will stop
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # Akintola 2014-06-24 22:31
That's interesting
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+9 # concerneddanny 2014-09-10 23:41
If you haven't notice Islam is a murderous group of people... In Israel someone I knew had to leave because a Muslim wonted to Kill the christian if that not enough take a look a Isis they are Muslim. so Muslims hate Christians and Jews wow,, this is a religion of pure hate the God I know is not part of it
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Good pointJay 2015-09-30 20:54
You make a great point except for the fact that your entire argument is based on your personal opinion. Here is a fact Christians hold the current record for killings in the name of religion. So, yes, there are violent and hatefull Muslims which in reality is only a percentage of a percentage of the population of the followers of Islam. This is also true for Christians. Think of ISIS as the Islamic KKK, which let's not forget were christian Americans. I award you no points, please take your seat.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # True ChristianityKaraz 2015-10-01 22:12
Jay, the KKK was not a Christian organization. You HAVE to look at the Bible and go from there. Jesus said to let the man who strikes you on one cheek strike you on the other. He said to love your enemies. This is true Christianity. True Christians will not pillage, murder, and plunder. Christians do not hold the record for killings, my friend, and they never will. Christians have been hunted, murdered, abused, tortured, and misused but still they loved their enemies. That is true Christianity.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # True ChristianityJohn 2015-10-02 14:11
Karaz, it's true that Jesus preached love, but if you read about the Crusades, you'll see that Jesus message was lost in all the killings. And "True Christians", sanctioned by the pope, were responsible for countless atrocities against non-Christians. And that is where the radicals of Islam are now. It took thousands of years for Jesus' message to once again take over the church. And although love is not the main focus of the radicals, let's hope it doesn't take thousands of years for Islamists to come to the realization that one religion, one government is not a rational goal. The mistake U.S. leaders make is thinking they can democratize the whole world. It just will not work everywhere. Just as sharia will not work everywhere, but especially not where the light of freedom still shines.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # True ChristianityKaraz 2015-10-03 03:00
John, please do not confuse Christians with Catholics. The Catholic church has done some horrific things - including the persecution of Christians! Christians who adhered to the Bible and the Truth found within its pages were treated horribly by the Catholic church - they were tortured and burn at the stake! The Catholic Crusades and true Christianity are two VERY different things. The message of love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has always been the Christian message. It has not been the Catholic message.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-16 # MrBakare Tosin 2015-01-03 03:09
I am so glad that I am a Muslim, am inside Islam Islam inside me indeed. To my own understanding there is no other religion which acceptable by Allah except Islam. We all came as Islam it good to go as Islam.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-6 # growing muslimsalman 2015-02-27 09:14
Alhamdulillah ameen Islam is the right den
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2 # MrAbu Yusuf 2015-06-28 18:46
But is it not a shame that Muslims seem to be freer to practice Islam in western countries than in their own countries where their leaders oppress them and they are divided against each other over secterian issues.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-15 # i love islamAbass Mark Biaty 2015-07-05 23:05
Islam is so unique,every thing about islam is good, we belive that all prophet's send by God are slave and not God or Son as christian clam.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-11 # studentnurideen 2015-07-06 17:51
Mashaa Allah
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+5 # linguistantoun 2015-08-18 16:10
As a faith it is admirably followed by it's believers, however, to a Christian it is cold with no warmth in its places of worship. No hymns or choirs make for an austere, female excluded religious experience. Not the place to pray to your personal God. No offence, but it is not for me.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # hibgoeoge 2015-08-28 13:06
All islam is not isis! And isis is not islam! If musilims are 2 billion people isis is 20 thousand..itz time to clear middle east from weapins of mass distruction! Letz start with isreal as a model to follow for how we should live ...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # Muslim Concept of GodAbu Hana 2015-09-30 16:44
Al-Quran-chapte r 112
1. Say: He is Allah, the One!
2. Allah, the eternally Besought of all!
3. He begetteth not nor was begotten.
4. And there is none comparable unto Him.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Concept of GodJohn 2015-09-30 22:36
You are describing the Christian Concept of God. We are more alike than different, I think.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # People of the Book who claim TrinityAbu Hana 2015-10-02 08:15
Al-Qur'an, chapter 4 (An-Nisa), verse 171-
People of the Book, do not go to excess in your religion, and do not say anything about God except the truth: the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was nothing more than a messenger of God,
His word, directed to Mary, a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers and do not speak of a 'Trinity'—stop, that is better for you—
God is only one God, He is far above having a son, everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Him and He is the best one to trust.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Trinity MeaningKaraz 2015-10-03 03:13
Abu Hana,
I think you misunderstand what we mean when we say 'trinity.' We do NOT worship three gods! NO!! This would be blasphemy! We believe in One God who manifests Himself in three different ways. Think of it like this: Pick up a book. Look at the cover. Is it a book? Yes. Now look at the pages. Is that the book? Yes. Now look at the whole book. Is it a book? Still yes. All three are one book but are different ways of viewing or understanding the whole book. Each part of the book is not a different book, however. I hope that helps you understand what we mean when we say 'trinity.' Our God is ONE Lord!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # why Islamdana 2015-10-01 03:38
Islam appeared 600 years after Jesus Christ. What is the Koran bringing new that Jesus didn't say before?
Wasn't enough religion already?
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