Welcome To Arabic Bible Outreach!

Our sincere desire is for all Arabic speaking people on the Internet to be introduced to God's eternal plan for men's salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah. May the Lord God bless you and guide you through our pages.

The family of the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry. See our intro Video


The following fonts are needed for proper display of the Arabic text in Microsoft Word. These fonts helps to display the Arabic vowels (Tashkilat) properly. 
Please copy these fonts under the fonts directory of your windows installation which is usually found under (c:\windows\fonts)

  1. Awema
  2. Usama Naskh Light
  3. Usama Naskh Bold

If you encounter any technical problem, please email the webmaster of the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry.

+2 #3 Johnathan 2013-01-10 00:44
This site is a big blessing to us. It is a burden on our hearts to reach Muslims for Christ. How wonderful to have a complete translation of the Bible in Arabic, not translated from the corrupted texts. Amen!
-2 #2 Samy 2012-06-14 13:44
Right click with your mouse on the font file, then choose save target as or save link as to save to your hard disk.
Then copy the 3 files to your fonts folder, and you should be able to read the files with the new fonts installed.
-3 #1 bill 2012-06-14 12:22
I can't see how to download the 3 sets of fonts. When I click on the font name, it displays a big page of jumbled letters ans so on. Im trying to find them in the font file format for windows, so that i can drag and drop the font into the fonts folder for windows xp.

Evangelical Work In The Middle East

It all started with the translation of the Bible into the Arabic language.

Guide To The Arab World

A Christian guide featuring maps, statistics, mission works and others.

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