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Documentation of Internet Filtering in Saudi Arabia:

See Why Saudi Arabia Blocks our site

Abstract: The authors connected to the Internet through proxy servers in Saudi Arabia and attempted to access approximately 60,000 Web pages as a means of empirically determining the scope and pervasiveness of Internet filtering there. Saudi-installed filtering systems prevented access to certain requested web pages; the authors tracked 2,038 blocked pages. Such pages contained information about religion, health, education, reference, humor, and entertainment. See highlights of blocked pages. The authors conclude (1) that the Saudi government maintains an active interest in filtering non-sexually explicit web content for users within the Kingdom; (2) that substantial amounts of non-sexually explicit web content is in fact effectively inaccessible to most Saudi Arabians; and (3) that much of this content consists of sites that are popular elsewhere in the world.

World Village

The Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry
Week of 10/01/2001 This is a difficult time for both Christian and Muslim alike. What must the attitude of the Christian be toward his Muslim neighbor? Toward the Islamic nations of the world? To Islam itself? The Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry provides an answer: Our sincere desire is for all Arabic speaking people on the internet to be introduced to God's eternal plan for men's salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah. Easier said than done (and done only by the power of the Holy Spirit). What do you know of Islam? The Koran? How to witness to a Muslim? This site contains a wealth of information itself and also an extensive set of links to other resources for understanding the Arab and Muslim worlds (not necessarily the same thing) and witnessing to them. If you have the Arabic version of Windows, you can download or use on-line an Arabic Bible (also available in RealAudio) and study helps. There is a section explaining Christian doctrine to Muslims and one explaining Islam to Christians. Resources in Arabic from books to radio and TV broadcasts are listed. There is free stuff available including some beautiful Arabic calligraphy Scripture verse images. There is too much here to describe - see it for yourself. Everything is well designed, fast loading, and most of all, full of good content. You will want to bookmark this site for future reference. You can contact the ABOM through the contact form on their site.

Apocalypse Soon

Comments: a Ministry for all Arab speaking people. Excellent material, including audio messages and an audio version of the New Testament in Arabic. A careful and loving outreach, including explanations of recurrent misunderstandings between Christianity and Islam.

Vision International Alliance

The Arabic Bible website presents testimonies of people who have converted from Islam to Christianity as well as messages to tell visitors the way of salvation. It also provides the Arabic Bible in several formats for downloading, Bible study resources and links to many Arabic and English language sites of interest. Visitors to the website can also listen to "Meditation for Life" a series of 15-minute radio programmes produced by Christian Resource Centre in Christchurch.

Christian Interactive Network

(Arabic and English)-Dedicated to proclaiming the Love of God to all Arabic speaking people on the internet. The site offers directories of Arabic Churches, websites, radio and TV broadcasts, organizations. It also offers extensive resources to evangelize Muslims and support Evangelical Christians who are engaged in reaching Arabic communities in the USA and Canada.

I AM News First Annual Internet Evangelism Conference Held in Chicago

Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry is an example site reaching to internationals.

MES The Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association

Conservative Protestant missionaries, who appear to be the most active in internet evangelism, follow a well-established model of getting the Bible, as God's literal Word, into the vernacular of the people being witnessed to. In the case of Islam, whether for those who primarily speak Arabic, Persian, Urdu or any other major language, the main goal is not only translating but making existing translations available. Here the internet is clearly a powerful ally, as the rhetoric of organizations like Arabic Bible Outreach clearly shows. The well-constructed and quite user-friendly home page of ABOM begins with:

Welcome to the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry.
Our sincere desire is for all Arabic speaking people on the Internet to be introduced to God's eternal plan for man's salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah.
May the Lord God bless you and guide you through our pages.

Some of the main messages on this page are shown in Arabic as well as English. As a user, you can read the Bible in Arabic on-line, download a PDF file, listen to a recitation of the Injeel (New Testament), listen to Arabic sermons about the Bible, listen to streaming hymns or radio dramas, use Arabic Bible study aids, and find links to numerous other resources for Bible study in Arabic. The site creators believe that the Word of God has what we anthropologists usually label a kind of mana, a supernatural ability to convict people of their need to accept the gospel in order to get right with God and escape a literal hell. The idea of individual Muslims clicking onto the site in privacy, away from the social pressure and prying censorship of Islam's gate keepers, is almost too good to be true.