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+2 #2 Magdy Nasralla 2017-02-17 10:29
Dear brothers and sisters,
I have been blessed for the last years by your service specially the Arabic bible online&download with all the effort of putting the bible and all material in this marvelous form. I'm praying that may the lord bless you more and more with all the richness of his word.I would to offer a donation to your service. I live in Ireland and unfortunately the online donation works only for the US&Canada.Can you help me doing that.God bless you. Magdy.
+7 #1 Milena Perez 2012-01-09 23:44
Hello Dear brothers on Jesus Christ, i am so happy i find this page with information about cchristian Ministry inside Muslim world, i want learn the arabic, language , i am missionary from Colombia south america, I am learning Hindi language and ENglish, because i want give the gosppel between Hindus, muslim, siqhs, i want have arabic christan friends, and learn with them about this culture, God bless you from Colombia south america
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