Church Planting

Since Islamic countries impose strict rules and often forbid any other faith to be practiced in their lands, much of the mission work and discipleship is done underground. The Internet is playing yet another powerful role in discipling converts and facilitating the establishment of vibrant churches in countries that are closed to missionaries.

Church Planting in North America

ABOM's extended vision is to establish active outreaches among large Muslim communities in USA and Canada with the goal to plant churches and to integrate converts into local fundamental Bible & Baptist churches.

Missionary Partnership

ABOM is working closely with missionaries and ministries in Arab countries to disciple those who come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. This partnership has proven to be a great synergy which has facilitated Church planting in Arab countries.

Follow-up and Discipleship

Through the labor of its co-workers in Lebanon and USA, ABOM distribute free gospels, CDs and New Testament to the Arab world through mailing and one on one witnessing. ABOM has an active on-line Bible school (Arabic) and an active follow-up ministry.

Internet Web Sites

To supplement our follow-up and discipleship ministry, ABOM has developed two Web sites: (Word of Life) serves as a virtual Arabic Bible Resource Center by providing hundreds of Bible commentaries, references, doctrinal works, and helps for personal living and family life. (Gospel) provides the Bible in the four languages spoken in the Arab world (Arabic, English, French, and Spanish) with a search engine, verse by verse commentaries, outlines, dictionaries, and audio. The vision is to expand it by adding Turksih, Farsi and Uru languages for Bible and commentaries.