Outreach & Evangelism

The thrust of ABOM outreach and evangelism is through the Internet. We believe in the power of the Word of God and that it is alive (Heb 4:12) and it does not come back empty. For the first time in 1400 years, the Arab Muslim world is now massively exposed to the word of God - the Bible. This was and still is the core of ABOM’s outreach ministry which is to post the word of God in Arabic in various electronic formats.

Through the years, ABOM developed several more sites in Arabic focusing on various aspect of the great commission: Preaching the Gospel, reasoning with Muslims concerning the Christian faith, and discipling Converts.    


Mosque Outreach

  ABOM is seeking to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to Muslims who live in the U.S.A. and Canada by training and sending teams from local churches for one-on-one witnessing and Gospel distribution at mosques (Islamic worship and community centers) and Islamic festivals. We are working to establish missionary teams among large Muslim communities in the U.S.A. to build bridges of friendship and social networks so we can fully present the Gospel in the context of love and trust.   

Literature Distribution

ABOM mails on a yearly basis thousands of NTs, Gospels, tracts, CDs and DVDs to requestors from our distribution centers out of Lebanon and the U.S.A. Most of our
materials are free with suggested donations to cover the operational cost and shipping. 

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Internet Outreach

The thrust of ABOM’s outreach is through our three Web sites, which focus on:

  1. Reaching Muslims through articles, audio and video messages (Arabic/English).
  2. Reaching nominal Christians in the Arab world through articles and audio and Video messages.
  3. Responding to the challenge of Islam and its assault on the Christian faith.

ABOM is also active on the social networking sites, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter