Understanding Islam

Children of Abraham (Price: $4.00)

What is Islam, and how did it begin and spread? From where did its prophet get his information? What is the Christian Church’s responsibility towards Muslims, and how can we help fulfill it? This booklet is a simple, brief presentation for those who know little or nothing about Islam.

Islam from a Biblical Perspective (Price: $3.00)

This book puts Islam under a magnifying glass. It clarifies the spiritual differences between Allah in Islam and the revelation of God in Christ, between Muhammad and Christ, between the Quran and the NT, between the law of Islam and the grace of Christ.

Who is Allah in Islam? (Price: $3.00)

How does faith in God affect the lives of the world’s Muslims? What are the differences between faith in Allah (the Muslim God) and the triune God? Do Muslims and Christians believe in the same God? This book gives helpful answers to these questions by comparing and contrasting the creeds of the Christians and Muslims.

Discipleship and Follow-up

One God, One Message (Price $10.00)

This takes the reader through the Bible with the messages of the prophets who wrote it. It was written by a missionary who lived among Muslims with a passion for the Scriptures and from thousands of dialogues with Muslim friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

Explaining Christianity to Muslims

To My Muslim Friend (Price $4.00)

This booklet describes in a clear and friendly way the main biblical doctrines that are often misunderstood or seen as blasphemous to the sincere Muslim. Three main topics are discussed: the Bible, the Crucifixion, and the Trinity. The booklet is a great tool to hand to a sincere seeker for the truth of the Bible


Is the Quran Infallible? (Price $10.00)

This details the errors in the Quran, ranging from geographical, historical, scientific, ethical, social, theological, legal, and linguistic issues. (Includes sensitive mention of moral defects in the life of the prophet of Islam.)

Christian Reply to Muslim Objections (Price $5.00)

The original work of Dr. W. St. Clair Tisdall under the title “A manual of the Leading Muslim Objections to Christianity”. Great book on answering some of the most common Islamic objections to Christianity.

Advanced Study on Islam

The Life of Muhammad Part 1 (Price $6.00)

One of the earliest scholarly works about the life of Muhammad. It is an indispensable source for anyone who wants to learn the details of the early formation of Islam. The book is revised and expanded by a Christian missionary with notes and commentary from a biblical perspective. A must for any Christian worker who is involved in missions work among Muslims. Part 1 details the life of Muhammad in Mecca until his migration.

The Life of Muhammad Part 2 (Price $8.00)

Details the life of Muhammad in Medina until his death.

Muslims Coming to Christ

Kamil Abdul Massih (Price $5.00)

One of the first converts from Islam to Christianity in the Middle East. His story was first published in 1898. It is a biography of a young man who suffered greatly for his faith and for his zeal to preach to his countrymen.