Muslims' Common Questions About Christianity - What can man know of God's forgiveness? Isn't it only at the Last Day that God will forgive?

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89- What can man know of God's forgiveness? Isn't it only at the Last Day that God will forgive?

According to Islam, it is indeed only at the Last Day that God will reveal His judgement, and will reward everyone according to his works. But according to the New Testament, God has already revealed His judgement and His forgiveness in Jesus Christ. 
God reveals His judgement in that Jesus, dying on the Cross, brings to light man's sinfulness. Every man, by his sin, deserves death and utter disgrace. But God ordained that Christ, in dying, should die in the place of sinful men. Therefore the Gospel according to John declares that Jesus takes away the sin of the world. He has taken man's sin upon Himself, so as to deliver man from eternal condemnation. 
God reveals His forgiveness in Jesus Christ, in that if any man believes in Jesus, trusts Him as Saviour, and acknowledges himself a sinner for whom Christ died, such a man receives the forgiveness of God. When is this forgiveness received?--now, or only at the last day? God has been offering forgiveness in this way ever since the coming of Jesus Christ, but each man receives this gift at the moment when he trustingly accepts Jesus Christ into his heart as Saviour and Lord of his life. God's forgiveness is therefore a present reality which a man can receive today, so that from now on he can live in the peace of God and dedicated to God's service.
Let us emphasise: God's forgiveness has been given to us, once for all, in Jesus Christ who was lifted up on the Cross, in this world, in the year 33 A.D.

90- What is the Christian faith? (cf. Q.11)
The faith of a Christian may be summarised in these words: "Jesus Christ is Lord". He whom God sent, to die for my sin and to bring me new life and hope by His resurrection, He is henceforth and forever the Lord of my life. Today, and at the day of my death, He alone is my support, my hope, the source of my job. He is my Lord!