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The time in Lebanon is : click here

Detailed Map of Lebanon |  Flag of Lebanon

The Republic of Lebanon is a state in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is a fertile and mountainous enclave between Israel and Syria. Once a French-mandated territory, Lebanon became an independent republic in 1943, with a constitution based on a delicate balance between the 17 recognized religious communities.

The mass influx of Palestinian refugees between 1948 and 1976 upset the status quo, bringing a civil war. A measure of peace wrought by the Syrian army in 1992 opened the
way for a new government, though still under Syrian oversight.

Lebanon has religious freedom, making it the only Arab state that is not officially Muslim. However, personal conversion to Christ has immense social consequences. 

Area: 10,452 sq.km.
Population: 3,506,000 (1998)
Annual Per Capita Income: US$3,560 (1998)
Literate Population: 92.4% (1995)
Religions in % of Population (1995): Shi’i Muslim
Sunni Muslim
Roman Catholic
Eastern Orthodox
Armenian Apostolic
Alawi Muslim
Official Language: Arabic
News Papers in Lebanon  
 Al-Anwar  PDF 
 AlKifah Alarabi  GIF 
 AlMustaqbal  PDF 
 Alnahar  PDF, SUB 
 National News Agency  GIF
 Alssafir  PDF 

Evangelical Work In The Middle East

It all started with the translation of the Bible into the Arabic language.

Guide To The Arab World

A Christian guide featuring maps, statistics, mission works and others.

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