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  • The Significance of Syria

    The Significance of Syria Syria, Syria, a noticeable word the world hears each day and watches its horrible events on each TV screen. All mourn and pity the hundreds killed every day. Everyone is asking how to stop the ongoing bloodshed?



    Every year Christians all over the world celebrate a memory dear to them, which is the birth of our Lord Essah the Messiah, so would you please answer my question?

    Christ was not merely an ordinary person like others, but He was the Holy One sent from God, whom God promised to send long ago.

  • Can I know God?

    Per Kind Permission from MASIHI ISHA'AT KHANA
    Lahore - Pakistan

    In most places where men live, buildings have been erected as places of worship. For man is by nature religious, and everywhere people worship something which, in their own language, they call "God". There are comparatively few who deny the existence of any sort of god.

  • Is the Cross an offense or a blessing?

    Islam and Christianity have different answers to the question: "Is the cross of Christ an historical fact to be accepted or an error to be rejected?” These two religions have different beliefs regarding Christs end. Did he die on the cross as the Gospel claims, or did he end his days in some other way as Islam asserts?