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Answers to Muslims Objections about the Bible - Part 2

Q1: Did Judas kiss Jesus the night of his arrest? (a) Yes (Matthew 26:48-50). (b) No. Judas could not get close enough to Jesus to kiss him (John 18:3-12). A: Yes, Judas kissed Jesus. John 18:3-12 does not say Judas d...

What is the meaning of the name Jesus Christ?

What is the meaning of the names Jesus and Christ? And why is the Christians prophet named "Jesus Christ"? Before answering, it is necessary to point out, first of all, that Christ is not only a prophet, although the Holy ...

Why Do We Believe the Bible Is the Word of God?

I am very honored for your invitation to come and speak to you on two very important subjects in the Word of God.First : The Authenticity of the BibleSecond: The Deity of Christ or to make it simplerThe Inspiration of the ...

The Glory of the Impossible

The challenge of the unoccupied fields of the world is one to great faith and, therefore to great sacrifice. Our willingness to sacrifice for an enterprise is always in proportion to our faith in that enterprise. Faith has the genius of transforming the barely possible into actuality. Once men are dominated by the conviction that a thing must be done, they will stop at nothing until it is accomplished. We have our "marching orders," as the Iron Duke {Arthur Wesley, Duke of Wellington} said, and because our Commander-in-Chief is not absent, but with us, the impossible becomes not only practical but imperative. Char...

Only One Way To God

What is religion? This question has puzzled theologians throughout human history. But how did religion start in the first place? Why did it start? In order to understand some of these issues, let us have a look at the etymology of the word “religion” itself, and see that when and where this word was used for the very first time in the human history.

The word religion was used for the very first time in the Latin language. The actual word used in Latin was “religio”, which changed into religion when came into English. The roots of the Arabic word “Mazhab” or “Deen” can also be traced back to “religio”. In the Latin language, the word “religio” had three basic meanings; which are Faith, Trust & Belief.

If you further analyse these three words, faith, trust and belief; then you realize that there are actually three different characteristics

Testimony of Desert Son (Islam)

I was born in Saudi Arabia as a member of a Muslim family. We were a very happy family, and I loved my relationship with them. I also felt very happy because I did all the things that God asked me to. I had learned one sixth of the holy Quran by heart and a lot from the Hadieth. When I was a teenager, I was an Imam for the mosque. I was always very serious to do all that God ordered me to do--fasting during Ramadan, praying five times a day or more, Hadj and so on. I was, at that time, very desirous to meet God at the last day, even when I had no guarantee. But I had always hoped for this. My hope grew when I started to think about fig...

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