Approximately 300 millions Arabs are living today on more than 4 million square miles of a very strategic land. A gateway to three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe.
It is possible to map three regions within the Arab World: The Gulf, The Fertile Crescent and North Africa. Many Arabs live also in the West.

The 20th century will be remembered in the collective Arab memory as a period of failure and humiliation. Despite vast oil resources, the Arabs find themselves at the dawn of a new century as weak and dependent on outside powers as before.

To make any kind of progress among the Arabs, we need to demonstrate Christian love in a hospitable and humble way.

  • We need to pray for
    • the Arab indigenous Church to grow. It's future is as bright as we are willing to stand in the gap (Eze 22:30).
    • We need to pray for Christian migration to cease.
    • For new workers to be sent.
    • For teaching aids to be added.
    • For the Christian mass media to be become more effective.
  • May our Lord help us to take a stand to promote His kingdom in the Arab world.


Country Population   Country Population
Algeria 29 Millions Oman 2.3 Million
Bahrain 595,000 Holy Land 4,892,000
Egypt 67 Millions Qatar 570,000
Iraq 20 Millions Saudi Arabia 20 Million
Jordan 4 Million Sudan 30 Million
Kuwait 1.82 Million Syria 15.3 Million
Lebanon 4 Million Tunisia 8.76 Million
Libya 5.8 Million UAE 2,791,000
Mauritania 2.19 Million Yemen 16.2 Million
Morocco 30 Million    

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Somalia 3733
Djibouti 5432
Comoros 4788
Yemen 3620
United Arab Emirates 7448
Tunisia 4485
Syria 3204
Sudan 3281
Saudi Arabia 4884
Qatar 4050