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Saudi Arabia

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Detailed Map of Saudi Arabia |  Flag of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic kingdom located on the Arabian Peninsula, covering most of that land mass. Saudi Arabia is almost entirely desert but contains 25% of the world's oil reserves. The nation is ruled by an absolute monarchy, with the semi-feudal state tightly
controlled by the large royal family.

Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of Islam 1300 years ago, and Islam now controls nearly every area of life, public and private. The government is known as one of the world's most repressive regimes, and human rights are routinely violated.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state committed to the preservation of traditional Islam. It is one of the least evangelized nations on earth. All Christian workers and materials are banned, although Christians make up nearly 5% of the population.

Area: 2,248,000
Population: 21,500,000 (1999)
Annual Per Capita Income: US$7,040 (1995)
Literate Population: 62.8% (1995)
Religions in % of Population (1980): Sunni Muslim
Shi’i Muslim
Official Language: Arabic
Newspapers in Saudi Arabia  
 Int'l Islamic Press Ag.  AEB
 Al-Jazirah  GIF, AEB
 Kul Alakhbar  GIF, AEB
 Saudi Press Agency  AEB 
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