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How Their Lives Changed

  • Testimony of Desert Son (Islam)

    I was born in Saudi Arabia as a member of a Muslim family. We were a very happy family, and I loved my relationship with them. I also felt very happy because I did all the things that God asked me to. I had learned one sixth of the holy Quran by heart and a lot from the Hadieth. When I was a teenager, I was an Imam for the mosque. I was always very serious to do all that God ordered me to do--fasting during Ramadan, praying five times a da...
  • Walid's Testimony (Islam)

    Walid's Testimony My name is Walid. I was born in Bethlehem, Israel. On the day that I was born it was one of the holiest days to Islam, the birthday of the Muslim prophet Mohammad (Al-Mauled Al-Nabawi). This was an honor to my father. For that, he named me Walid which relates to the Arabic word (Mauled) and in English (The Birth) to always remember the birthday of the Muslim prophet. My father was a Palestinian Muslim who taught English and...
  • Faten's Testimony (Coptic Orthodox)

    Listen to Faten's testimony who is from Egypt who is a former Coptic Orthodox.
  • Monthir's Testimony (Islam)

    From Darkness To Light I was born and raised in a conservative Muslim family. Ever since I was ten years old I’ve been reading the Quran on a daily basis and performing my Islamic duties such as fasting and prayer. Then when I was twelve, I started going to the Friday prayer at the mosque next door every week. As years passed by, my knowledge in Islam increased. I was extremely religious but I had no true relationship with the God I wa...