How Their Lives Changed

  • Faten's Testimony (Coptic Orthodox)

    Listen to Faten's testimony who is from Egypt who is a former Coptic Orthodox.
  • Samir's Testimony (Islam)

    Mightier than death I was born into a conservative Muslim family in Iraq. Whilst in The Middle school, I was always disturbed when I heard my teacher explaining how Islam spread by wars and battles lead by Mohamed or his successors. Even in the Muslim prayers there is no appeal for God to change their manners and behavior but rather their surrounding circumstances. So whilst my teacher was talking about the Islamic heroism of their w...
  • Suraj El-Din's Testimony (Islam)

    MY CHOICE IS TO SERVE JESUS CHRIST. Islam is the main religion in fact, the state religion in my country. Our law is subject to the demands and teachings of Islam. But I am a traitor to Islam. I was born into a Muslim family and therefore knew nothing about Jesus Christ. I had many nominal Christian friends, and I asked one of them for a Bible. When I read it, I was surprised to find that God loves me and made a way to forgive my sins. I lea...
  • Emad's Testimony (Greek Orthodox)

    Emad's Testimony I was born in the Gaza Strip to a Christian family who was Greek Orthodox. In Gaza, with a population of approximately one million, there is only about 1% Christians mostly belong to the Greek Orthodox Church. My father, after graduating from high school, attended the Baptist School for Allied Health Sciences in Gaza, and upon graduating, he got a job as a medical technologist at the Baptist Hospital. My father used to go to ...

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