How Their Lives Changed

  • Sami's Testimony (Islam)

    Why I am not a Muslim? It was a question that I had been asked on more than ane occasion after converting to Christianity. I had heard this question from both Christians and Muslims. From the Christians it was a question of curiosity or emotion upon seeing how God had changed my life. As for Muslims, it was a question which was directed at offending and humiliating me. For the Christians, they wanted to know how and when I decided to follow J...
  • Suraj El-Din's Testimony (Islam)

    MY CHOICE IS TO SERVE JESUS CHRIST. Islam is the main religion in fact, the state religion in my country. Our law is subject to the demands and teachings of Islam. But I am a traitor to Islam. I was born into a Muslim family and therefore knew nothing about Jesus Christ. I had many nominal Christian friends, and I asked one of them for a Bible. When I read it, I was surprised to find that God loves me and made a way to forgive my sins. I lea...
  • Kader's Testimony (Islam)

    God had plans for me. I was born in a small town in Algeria and into a family of six Children. France occupied my native country. My Parents were unschooled and Muslims. So, I was a Muslim by birth. I was told that as an infant, I was so sick the doctor gave me two days to live but God had other plans for me. No, I did not die. At a very young age, my parents enrolled me in a religious school where I learned to memorize the Koran. As a fa...
  • Amina's Testimony (Islam)

    From Islam To Jesus Christ Listen to Amina's testimony in English.

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