How Their Lives Changed

  • Ziad's Testimony (Islam)

    The Road From Damascus Ziad was born and raised in Damascus, finishing his schooling in this historic capital of Syria. Most of his life, Ziad had been a practicing Muslim like everyone else in his devout family. He would often accompany his father, his three brothers, and some neighbors to the mosque for Friday noon prayers and frequently for prayer on other days. The rest of the five daily prayer times he would observe at home or at work. N...
  • Monthir's Testimony (Islam)

    From Darkness To Light I was born and raised in a conservative Muslim family. Ever since I was ten years old I’ve been reading the Quran on a daily basis and performing my Islamic duties such as fasting and prayer. Then when I was twelve, I started going to the Friday prayer at the mosque next door every week. As years passed by, my knowledge in Islam increased. I was extremely religious but I had no true relationship with the God I wa...
  • Amina's Testimony (Islam)

    From Islam To Jesus Christ Listen to Amina's testimony in English.
  • Fatima's Testimony (Islam)

    Fatima's Testimony Listen to Fatima's testimony who is from Algeria who is a former Muslim.