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The Arab Republic of Egypt (96% of which is desert, and only 3% arable land), is located along the banks of the Nile River.

Though arabic speaking, 86.4% of the peoples are Egyptian descendants of the ancient Coptic-speaking people of biblical times. Opposition to the 1979 peace treaty lead to Egypt's isolation in the Middle East, and in 1981 to President Sadat's assassination.

Islam is the state religion, and Cairo is the intellectual capital of Islam. Until recently the large Christian minority was left in relative peace so long as Muslims were not evangelized. Muslim fundamentalism has become a significant force over the last 15 years.

Area: 1,001,450 sq km
Population: 77,505,756 (2005)
Annual Per Capital Income: US$1,490 (2000)
Literate Population: 51.4% (1995)
Religions in % of Population (1995): Sunni Muslim
Coptic Orthodox
Roman Catholic
Official Language: Arabic
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