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The State of Bahrain, consists of a group of islands located in the Arabian Gulf. A causeway links the largest island (also known as Bahrain) to mainland Saudi Arabia. The islands are flat and hot, mainly sand covered limestone; with generally poor and infertile soil.

Islam is the official religion, and all Bahrainis are considered Muslim, no evangelism among them being permitted. However, Bahrain has provided a good base for Christian witness since the beginning of this century, with opportunities for a tactful witness existing through the multi-national Christian expatriate community. Also there is the well-known and highly regarded American Mission Hospital and The Christian Bookstore, which surprisingly has a high annual sale of christian Literature.

Area: 707
Population: 629,090 (1999)
Annual Per Capita Income: US$7,660 (1998)
Literate Population: 85.2% (1995)
Religions in % of Population (1995): Shi’i Muslim
Sunni Muslim
Official Language: Arabic
News papers in Bahrain  
 Al-Ayam  PDF
 Akhbar Alkhaleej  AEB
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