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The Sultanate of Oman is a mountainous land on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsuala. It controls the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Oman's oil reserves were developed later than those of other Arab nations, and the wealth has been distributed wisely
for the improvement of living standards.

Oman was a feudal monarchy until 1970, when it became an absolute monarchy since then. No political parties are permitted, but there is considerable personal freedom and political stability.

Islam is the state religion, thus, the unreached consists of the entire Muslim majority. Oil wealth, rising education levels, and opening to the outside world have broadened the minds of Omanis, possibly making them more receptive to spiritual change.

Area: 309,500
Population: 2,446,645 (1999)
Annual Per Capita Income: US$4,950 (1997)
Literate Population: 75%
Religions in % of Population (1993): Ibadhi Muslim
Sunni Muslim
Official Language: Arabic
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