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List of Surahs in the Quran

The Quran, one of the most important religious texts for Muslims, is composed of 114 chapters or Surahs. Each one of these Surahs have been translated into numerous languages, including Arabic, and this list provides a comprehensive overview of each surah in the original Arabic language.

Number Anglicized name Arabic name English Translation
1 al-Fatihah al-faatiHah The Opening
2 al-Baqarah al-baqarah The Cow
3 Al-Imran aali-`imraan The Family Of Imran
4 an-Nisa' an-nisaa' Women
5 al-Ma'idah al-maa'idah The Food
6 al-An`am al-an`aam The Cattle
7 al-A`raf al-a`raaf The Elevated Places
8 al-Anfal al-anfaal The Spoils Of War
9 at-Taubah at-tawbah Repentance
10 Yunus yoonus Jonah
11 Hud hood Hud
12 Yusuf yoosuf Joseph
13 ar-Ra`d ar-Ra`d The Thunder
14 Ibrahim ibraheem Abraham
15 al-Hijr al-Hijr The Rock
16 an-Nahl an-naHl The Bee
17 Al-Isra al-Isra' The Night Journey
18 al-Kahf al-kahf The Cave
19 Maryam maryam Mary
20 Ta Ha Taa haa Ta Ha
21 al-Anbiya' al-anbiyaa' The Prophets
22 al-Hajj al-Hajj The Pilgrimage
23 al-Mu'minun al-mu'minoon The Believers
24 an-Nur an-noor The Light
25 al-Furqan al-furqaan The Criterion
26 ash-Shu`ara' ash-shu`araa' The Poets
27 an-Naml an-naml The Ant
28 al-Qasas al-qasas The Narrative
29 al-`Ankabut al-`ankaboot The Spider
30 ar-Rum ar-room The Romans
31 Luqman luqmaan Lukman
32 as-Sajdah as-sajdah The Adoration
33 al-Ahzab al-aHzab The Allies
34 Saba' as-Saba' Sheba
35 Fatir faaTir The Creator
36 Ya Sin yaa seen Ya Sin
37 as-Saffat aS-Saaffaat The Rangers
38 Sad Saad Sad
39 az-Zumar az-zumar The Companies
40 Ghafir Ghafir The Forgiving One
41 Fussilat Fussilat Revelations Well Expounded
42 ash-Shura ash-shooraa The Counsel
43 az-Zukhruf azl-zukhruf The Embellishment
44 ad-Dukhan ad-dukhaan The Evident Smoke
45 al-Jathiyah al-jaathiyah The Kneeling
46 al-Ahqaf al-aHqaaf The Sandhills
47 Muhammad muHammad Muhammad
48 al-Fath al-fatH The Victory
49 al-Hujurat al-Hujuraat The Chambers
50 Qaf qaaf Qaf
51 ad-Dhariyat ad-dhaariyaat The Scatterers
52 at-Tur aT-Toor The Mountain
53 an-Najm an-najm The Star
54 al-Qamar al-qamar The Moon
55 ar-Rahman ar-raHmaan The Merciful
56 al-Waqi`ah al-waaqi`ah That Which is Coming
57 al-Hadid al-Hadeed The Iron
58 al-Mujadilah al-mujaadilah She Who Pleaded
59 al-Hashr al-Hashr The Exile
60 al-Mumtahanah al-mumtaHanah She Who is Tested
61 as-Saff as-saff The Ranks
62 al-Jumu`ah al-jumu`ah The Day of Congregation
63 al-Munafiqun al-munafiqoon The Hypocrites
64 at-Taghabun at-taghaabun The Cheating
65 at-Talaq, aT-Talaaq The Divorce
66 at-Tahrim at-taHreem The Prohibition
67 al-Mulk al-mulk The Kingdom
68 al-Qalam al-qalam The Pen
69 al-Haqqah al-Haaqqah The Inevitable
70 al-Ma`arij al-ma`aarij The Ladders
71 Nuh nooH Noah
72 al-Jinn al-jinn The Jinn
73 al-Muzammil al-muzammil The Mantled One
74 al-Mudathir al-muddaththir The Clothed One
75 al-Qiyamah al-qiyaamah The Resurrection
76 al-Insane al-insane The Man
77 al-Mursalat al-mursalaat The Emissaries
78 an-Naba' an-naba' The Tidings
79 an-Nazi`at an-naazi`aat Those Who Pull Out
80 `Abasa `abasa He Frowned
81 at-Takwir at-takweer The Cessation
82 al-Infitar al-infiTaar The Cleaving Asunder
83 Al-Mutaffifeen Al-Mutaffifeen The Defrauders
84 al-Inshiqaq al-inshiqaaq The Rending
85 al-Buruj al-burooj the Constellations
86 at-Tariq aT-Taariq The Night-Comer
87 al-A`la al-A`laa The Most High
88 al-Ghashiya al-ghaashiyah The Overwhelming Calamity
89 al-Fajr al-fajr The Dawn
90 al-Balad al-balad The City
91 ash-Shams ash-shams The Sun
92 al-Layl al-lail The Night
93 ad-Duha aD-DuHaa The Early Hours
94 ash-Sharh ash-Sharh The Expansion
95 at-Tin aT-Teen The Fig
96 al-`Alaq al-`alaq The Clot
97 al-qadr al-qadr The Majesty
98 al-Bayyinah al-bayyinah The Proof
99 Az-Zalzala Az-Zalzala The Shaking
100 al-`Adiyat al-`aadiyaat The Assaulters
101 al-Qari`ah al-qaari`ah The Terrible Calamity
102 at-Takathur at-takaathur Worldly Gain
103 al-`Asr al-`asr Time
104 al-Humazah al-humazah The Slanderer
105 al-Fil al-feel The Elephant
106 al-Quraish al-quraish The Quraish
107 al-Ma`un al-maa`oon The Daily Necessaries
108 al-Kauthar al-kauthar Abundance
109 al-Kafirun al-kaafiroon The Unbelievers
110 an-Nasr an-naSr The Help
111 Al-Masad Al-Masad The Palm Fibre
112 al-Ikhlas al-ikhlaaS The Unity
113 al-Falaq al-falaq The Daybreak
114 an-Nas an-naas The Men
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