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Beliefs and Practices of Christians

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My dear friend,

I hope you are well both in body and in spirit. I send you cordial greetings, and thank God for your friendship. Your earnest desire to find the truth, and to be guided in the right way, the way which leads to God and to salvation, gives me great joy. Often in the past you have asked questions about the beliefs and practices of us, your Christian friends, and there has never been enough opportunity to give you all the information you sought. I have, therefore, resolved to write you a long letter telling you in detail what we Christians believe, and what our religious duties and customs are.

As you know, there are nearly 1,000 million people in the world today who call themselves Christians. Some are true believers and some, sad to say, are Christians only in name. We Christians, like people in some other religions, are divided into many sects, which differ from one another in various matters of doctrine and worship. It is, therefore, impossible for me to tell you in this letter what all Christians believe, or to make a statement to which all would agree. However, I am sure that there are millions of Christians in all parts of the world who would agree to the truth of what you will read in the pages that follow. I pray that as you read carefully this explanation of the Christian religion, you will be drawn closer to God; you will know Him better, love Him more and obey Him more perfectly. I will now attempt to reply to your questions one by one.

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