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Muslims are among us—they are here and they are growing. The Lord, in His grace, has brought millions of Muslims to our doorsteps in the West. What a tremendous opportunity to reach those who have come from "behind the Crescent Curtain" (from countries closed to the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ)!

Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry is a mission agency with a vision to reach the Arab and Muslim world. Our passion is to encourage and equip the saints, churches, and ministries to communicate the Gospel effectively to Muslims. These seminars present the Islamic faith from a biblical point of view and relate the Gospel to Muslims against the background of their own beliefs.

Understanding Islam: Its Birth, Its Prophet, and Its Spread!

This session covers the background of the rise of the prophet of Islam, and what influenced and shaped his mind. Understanding the founder of Islam, his transformation, and his ministry will help Christians comprehend the spiritual, ideological, and cultural atmosphere of the Muslim world. 

Teachings & Practices of Islam: What Every Christian Should Know About Islam

Islam is a faith that gives its followers strict, concrete rules and practices to which they must adhere. Christians need to know and understand the practices of the Islamic faith and their teachings on God, Jesus, the Bible, and Muhammad to be more effective in their witness to Muslims. 

Examining Islam: Do the Claims of Islam Pass the Test of the Living Word?

This session covers Muhammad’s claim to prophethood in the light of the Holy Bible and puts the Quran under the magnifying glass of the Word of God. Will it pass the golden measure?

Reaching Islam: How Do You Approach Muslims and Witness to Them?

Islam is quickly becoming the largest religion in the world. Millions of Muslims have yet to hear the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. How do you approach them and witness to them? This session explores some of the theological and cultural landmines that can keep Muslims away from the Good News. The Christian's first job in reaching Muslims is to clear those landmines to set the stage for effective one-on-one ministry. 

We have other advanced topics on Islam and can prepare a customized topic upon request. Please e-mail us for other available topics or for a particular topic that your church or organization would like to see.
We invite you to contact us for a list of our free resources. These resources are designed in a bilingual format (Arabic/English) to effectively reach Muslims in U.S.A./Canada. Please pray for us and the mission field of Islam!

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Web site: is designed to inform Christians on the Islamic faith by examining its tenants from a biblical perspective. 

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