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Now let the master of the banquet drink of it!
He'll laugh
that we're
playing a joke on
and thinkDo what Jesus wants! His mother told us
You should try this...
not to ask questions.
Where did you get this first class wine? What kind is it?
There are şix
barrels of it!
Say, bridegroom,
you served the cheaper wine first and kept the
best wine for now!
You did the wrong thing! At a wedding the choice wine is served first and then later the cheaper wines are served!
The master of the banquet doesn't know...but we have seen that Jesus of Nazareth changed that water into wine
A miracle! Water changed into wine! Unbelievable but true!
And the wedding feast can continue.
Let's be happy and sing another song to the couple!
Believe me, no man can do such a miracle, only God can do that; could it be that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah?
Wine symbolizes the joy of life. This new, perfect wine points to a new, joyous life as promised by God through His


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