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One of the following evenings....
Jesus, look, some of these Pharisees are spying. They say that it's really shocking what you do.
A fine prophet,
Look at Him!
he is!
He feasts with
these corrupt custom officers and the worst scum of the town!
You understand nothing. It's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick! Rather, think about what is written: God speaks....
"I desire mercy, not sacrifice!" He loves a man who is compassionate and merciful!
One day the inhabitants of Capernaum gather in the house of Simon, where Jesus is. Everyone
wants to hear Him....
Let's go and
find out who Jesus is. We'll follow
Him discreetly
But, we should hurry we want to be) in the house.
You see? The door is blocked by people. And we cannot get in.
Please, do something Even though it seems impossible, I have to see Jesus Only He can heal mel


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