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Persecution in Kuwait

This gulf state is best known in the U.S. as the catalyst for the 1991 Gulf War in which Kuwait was liberated from Iraq. Kuwait is the only gulf nation to hold legislative elections, but the real power has been held by the al-Sabath family for the last two centuries. Sumni Islam is the state religion. Although the Gulf War resulted in loosening strict religious rules in Kuwait, full freedom of worship is still not a reality. Only Muslims may become citizens. Christians have the freedom to live and work in Kuwait, but worship must be within the Christian community (a limited physical location). Evangelism to Kuwaitis is forbidden. The Christian community in Kuwait includes 27 congregations that conduct church meetings in many languages. The government discourages Christianity by providing financial incentives for those who claim to be Muslim and has purchased large quantities of Bibles in order to burn them. 

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