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Encouragement to the reader

This novel was written for Muslims. In particular, it was written for Muslims who are curious about Christianity but do not know how to satisfy their curiosity. You may be afraid of asking certain questions because you fear the reprisal of your peers. You may not be committed enough to do your own research or intimidated by theological essays. You may not even know where to look or whom to consult. Perhaps you are on a quest to disprove Christianity. Regardless, if you are reading this book, it’s because you are interested in the truth. You and I may disagree on what the truth is, but that is precisely what makes this story fascinating. Consider this to be the first step into a privileged conversation. If you are so inclined, take out a red pen and mark out whatever is wrong with the story. If you do not like the plot, then change the turn of events. If the argument is fallacious, then write a counter-argument. At the very least, read through the novel. Don’t shy away from the conversation. Don’t let fear make you run away. In fact, I challenge the reader to make an informed decision about the book, instead of making a rash judgment based on feelings or preconceptions.

For some of you, this novel may answer many of your questions and even bring much joy to your heart. If this is the case, my prayer is that your joy may overflow with thanksgiving to Allah! For others, this story may upset you and motivate you to refute its claims. In either case, I will consider to have succeeded at my task if the content is stimulating enough to provoke the reader to take action. Conversely, if it doesn’t lead you to action, it is both flavorless and worthless. On a different note, I hope that you will find entertainment in the plot of the story, which is designed to help you digest a heavy philosophical and theological content. I have tried to make it as realistic as possible, often using real people and real locations. I have traveled those streets with the protagonist, and I invite you to do the same. Finally, if you like this book, please pass the word along. You probably know someone who is seeking the truth, no matter how entrenched he or she may seem. Thankfully, you can let the literary characters do the hard work and say the hard things. Just blame it on them if necessary. Now that the red carpet has been unrolled, please enjoy the story!

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