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Daily Devotions App


Daily Devotions is a totally free app that delivers a Bible devotion to your device on a daily basis. Devotion is simply meditation on God’s words. It translates God’s words in a way that is easy to understand and applies to today’s life. Come let us meditate on His words, enjoy these daily devotions and submit ourselves to Him. Daily Devotions does exactly that and it all comes free!

With special permission from Emmaus Bible School:

All rights are reserved to the Emmaus Bible Institute. No books or articles may be published or printed in any electronic or printed format or placed on the Internet without special permission issued by the Emmaus Bible School. You may keep books or articles for personal use only and not for the purpose of selling or trading them in any way whatsoever for whatever reasons.

This app is designed for Android Devices version 2.1+.

Daily Devotions AppDaily Devotions App

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Download it from Google Play Store here

All copyrights for the Smith Vandyke Arabic Bible belongs to Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry. The text is free for download and for personal use. It is prohibited to use the text for the purpose of gain or to post on other internet sites.

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