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Majesty! Some foreigners are looking (for a child, who is the promised Messiah!
They say that his birth has been shown through the position of the stars!
What? A child will be the Messiah and I was not informed? di Secretly a rival to my
throne is raised.
I have to be clever to uncover this new conspiracy!
Call the Pharisees at once!
hear rumors about the arrival of the Messiah. I'll have to prepare for it What do you know about his family and his birth-place?
The Holy Bible says: The Messiah will be a descendant of
King David
and King
David came from Bethlehem
It is written: "Bethlehem, out of you will come the ruler who will be the shepherd of my people.
Quick, go and bring the wise men from the Orient here!
A little later...
understand you're looking for a child, the Messiah?
Yes, we've seen his


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