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Nathanael, I have very great news!
What is it? Hope you haven't woken me up for nothing!
The Christ the Messiah, we found Him!
Who is He?
Jesus from Nazareth!) Can anything good come from there?
I don't believe it!
Come and see...
Well, because you are my friend, I'll come with you and find out....
I'm starting to wonder if indeed you are the promised One
we are waiting for.
Here comes
a true Israelite in whom) there is nothing false!
How do
you know me?
I saw you under the fig tree before Philip called you...
Nathanael, you shall see greater miracles than this, actually you'll see...
the heavens opening up and the angels of God ascend and descend upon...
the Son of man!!!
I am overwhelmed, Jesus. You and your disciples are invited to, come with me to
The whole village
is celebrating
a wedding...


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