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Stop deceiving yourself and others! Discover your hearts' true motives! God requires that
you act always properly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God!
When Jesus finished teaching.... he turns to Peter.
Peter, now go out fishing....put the boat out into the deep water and let down the nets
Why? We have worked all night and we haven't caught a thing.
Do as I say, Peter! Trust Me!
Peter, I repeat, sail out and let down your largest net!
Only because You say so, I'll let down the net again, for as far
as 1,m concerned we'll catch nothing.
It's no use! The time isn't right...the fish are no longer at the surface anymore!
Come on men, Andrew, James and John! We will sail out again and we'll give it one more try!
Unbelievable! What a catch! The net will break!
Hey, friends, come over and help us!


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