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Jesus is taken to the high priest, who has called a meeting of the Sanhedrin: the priests, the elders and I've called you to investigate the case of Jesus of Nazareth, because the highest interest of our nation is at stake! His sensational actions are disturbing public order, his revolutionary statements against the Temple and our religion have caused me to arrest Him... teachers of the law.... ...and bring him before our court so that we can try him according to our laws. Bring in the Witnesses! It's hard to believe that he dared to speak against the glory of God and the Temple. I heard him say: "you may destroy this Temple and in three days I will rebuild it!" No, He didn't say that! But rather, "I'll destroy this man-made temple and I'll build another one, not made by man!" I record: the witnesses don't agree. Jesus doesn't answer anything...the assembly is divided and confused.


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