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Here we see the man, who only did good; he healed the sick and defended the poor and the oppressed. Oh, what a Woe to them! terrible injustice! In their hatred they handed Him over to the Romans The Pharisees hated Him, because He spoke the truth and exposed their hypocrisy! He is too weak to carry his cross; he lost too much blood because of the whipping. One is falling down Hey, you! I order you to carry the cross of this condemned man to Golgotha! That is an order! Now, obey! Me?....But I'm not from Jerusalem! I'm a decent man from Cyrene! Be wise, and don't resist or you will be sorry. Romans are tough and besides, it's not so far to Golgotha from here. I'll carry it for you! Get up! Help Him, He's innocent! He's Jesus of Nazareth, the great prophet!


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