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Fun way to learn Arabic

An award-winning educational program that teaches young minds to listen, understand, speak, read and write Arabic with ease. The best way for kids to learn Arabic is through exciting activities and interactive lessons. Keep them engaged, focused and make Arabic fun with arabee!


Your go-to online educational program at schools or at home! Teach your young minds the Arabic language implicitly. An easy-to-use platform aimed at children aged 3-12 years old, that guides the children through a progressive program, encouraging them to learn and play.

Arabic For Families

Help your kids play and learn Arabic words and letters while stimulating their minds to absorb the language. How? Expose them to interactive teaching and rewarding materials from digital books and videos to games and songs that children can enjoy wherever they are.

Arabic For Schools

Interact with your students, keep them motivated to learn during your Arabic lessons. Our Arabic learning program is versatile and adaptable for teachers to use with a variety of activities that will keep students engaged and learning.

External Link: arabee 

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