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Soon after the massacres, in 1862 I think, Mrs. E. H. Watson, after, teaching in Valparaiso, New York and Athens came to Syria and opened a girls' school in Beirut, then in Shemlan and lastly in Ain Zehalteh. The Shemlan school was transferred to the Society for Promoting Female Education in the East, and recently to the British Syrian Schools and Bible Mission. Mrs. Watson erected two school buildings in Ain Zehalteh as a permanent school for Protestant orphan boys, and purchased a large tract of land whose income was to support the school. Mrs. Watson died in Shemlan July 29, 1881. The Ain Zehalteh property has been diverted by her heirs to personal use and the school perished for want of support.

The Shemlan school has been a blessing to the land and continues to give a sound Christian training. Under the care of the British Syrian Mission its future is assured.