Muslims' Common Questions About Christianity - How could Jesus be the Son of God? Can God Take a Wife?

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82- How could Jesus be the Son of God? Can God Take a Wife?

The Bible never for one moment speaks of God taking a wife, and all Christian belief is based on the testimony of the Bible. In Christian preaching there is not the least suggestion of a sexual relationship between God and any one of His creatures. When the New Testament calls Jesus "the Son of God", this does not for a moment mean that God begot a child through a woman, as men beget their children. 
The title must be understood along with all the other names given to Jesus in the Bible; Jesus is also called the servant of God, the Son of David, the Son of Man, the Lord, the Saviour, the new Adam, the Mediator, the High Priest, etc. We notice that Jesus did not normally make use of the title "Son of God" in His public preaching and teaching; it was rather in intimate conversation and in prayer that He revealed Himself as "the Son of God". Closely linked with this title are the many passages where Jesus referred to God as "my Father" and to Himself as "the Son" (e.g. Luke 23; 34 & 46; Matthew 11:27; Mark 13:32; John 5:19-24; 17:1).
The title indicates, above all, the extremely close relationship between Jesus and God. He is not merely someone "sent by God"; He has a unique knowledge of God, there is between Him and God an intimacy so profound that it becomes an actual identity of thought and action. Jesus completely and perfectly carries out the will of God, to the point where we must say that He has been endowed with absolute authority by God. Therefore, according to the New Testament, to obey Jesus is to obey the One who sent Him; to reject Jesus is to reject the One who sent Him; to believe in Jesus is not to believe in another Lord beside God--it is to believe in God through Jesus (John 5:23; and 12:44). 
Further, according to the gospels, there can be no true knowledge of God outside of Jesus Christ; the unity of Jesus with God is such that one can say, metaphorically, "Jesus Christ is God's face turned towards mankind".