Muslims' Common Questions About Christianity - According to the Qur'an Jesus did not die on the Cross. How is this?

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83- According to the Qur'an Jesus did not die on the Cross. How is this?

(cf. Q. 23 & 78) The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written some 550 years before the time of Muhammad, and contain the testimony of men who were disciples of Jesus, who lived at His side, who actually saw and touched Him. Some of these disciples were present in person at His crucifixion; in view of this, it is virtually impossible to cast any doubt on the evidence of the gospels, when these are considered without prejudice. In contrast, in the time of Muhammad the Bible was only just being translated into Arabic, and it is probable that Muhammad could have had no direct acquaintance with it. Instead, he heard stories about Jesus and the prophets derived from legendary writings; and these legends were influenced by the theological prejudices of some heretical Christians of the time. For example, some heretics believed that Jesus was not really man, but a kind of spirit who could not suffer pain and death; and long before the time of Muhammad, this "prejudice" gave rise to the legend that it was someone else resembling Jesus who was crucified. But the story (like the different story of the Ahmadis) is purely imaginary, and has no historical basis. 
To satisfy yourself about the historical accuracy of the crucifixion and death of Jesus, you have only to study the text of the gospels, which give detailed eye-witness accounts of what happened.