Why Do We Believe the Bible Is the Word of God?

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The 1st reason why we believe the Bible is exclusively the Word of God  because of its chronological order. 

It begins with the book of Genesis, which tells us about the Beginning of all things and ends with the book of Revelation, which tells us about the end of all things.

It begins with the beginning of all things and ends with the endings of all things

For example

1- In Genesis we read about the beginning of Creation .

2- The beginning of sin.

3- The beginning of prophecies.

4- The beginning of salvation.

5-The beginning of death.

6.The book of Gen. Start with with life and ends with  Joseph’s coffin in Egypt.

It starts with Adam then his children Seth and Enos and Cainan and so on then Noah and then Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

Then we come to the book of Exodus After Joseph’s death in Egypt we come to the call of  Moses and then Joshua and so on.