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Why Do We Believe the Bible Is the Word of God? - The eighth reason

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8. The eighth reason why I believe the Bible is exclusively the Word of God is  because of the evidence of the many historical manuscripts.

All the translations of the many versions, which appeared throughout the centuries, confirm the truth of the Bible. However, we shall not attempt to present all the proofs and restrict our presentation to the following:

1.     The Septuagint Version which Batlimus Philadephos asked 70 Jewish scholars to translate the Old Testament from the Hebrew to the Greek language in 285 B.C. This translation was popular before the birth of Christ and is still in existence  today. This is a very clear evidence that the Old Testament is still in tact and was not tampered with.

2.     The Sinai Manuscript. It was found by scholar Chandorf in Saint Catherine’s Convent at the bottom of Mount Sinai in Egypt. It goes back to the 4th century A.D. and it is kept at the British Museum in London, England.

3.     The Vatican Manuscript. This edition was copied by an order of King Constantine and it dates back to 328 A.D. It is kept now in the Vatican Library in Rome. This copy contains the Old and the New Testament.

4.     The Ephraim Manuscript. It dates back to 450 A.D. and it is kept in the National House of Books in Paris, France.

5.     The Qumran Scrolls. Found in 1947 by a Jordanian shepherd boy in one of the caves on the hills of Qumran, Jordan, it is a complete manuscript of the book of Isaiah written in Hebrew with other books of the Old Testament except the book of Esther. One of the famous archeologists Dr. Albright gave the date of its writing period a few hundred years before Christ.

6.     The Alexandria Manuscript.  Dated 400 A.D. this manuscript contains the entire Bible, and it is kept in the British Museum.

7.     The Bezae Manuscript.  From 450 A.D. this manuscript contains the four gospels, the book of Acts, is written in the Greek and the Latin languages, and is kept in Cambridge, England

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