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Abd El-Fady's Testimony (Islam)

The Light of Faith

I was raised in a religious family where love and respect to one another was taught. My father would always repeat the saying: "Oh for God and parents to be pleased with me." "Ya Rida Allah Wa Rida Al'Waliden." My father told me once: "Your grandfather left me little worldly belongings but he was pleased with me." So the subject of please God and parents was a paramount importance to me. My life went on quietly until my teenage years. I was worshiping God in a traditional manner. After that period I began to indulge in youth practices, both good and bad. I became a slave to bad and vulgar language and indulged in uncontrolled sexual relations. Smoking cigarettes led to smoking "Hash" and, later, to opium, and such transgressions which displeased God. Praise to Him the Most High "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala".

My health deteriorated rapidly. I felt that I was destroying myself with all my sinful practices. This left me with the feeling that I was at the point of no return. During that time I saw my grandfather fall to his death from a second floor window, under the influence of alcohol. I also saw the effects of drug "Hash" addiction on my uncle. Also a close friend of mine died in a motorcycle crash as he sped to avoid missing an appointment with a street girl. Reading books and memorizing Arabic poems have been my favorite pastime. I learned some painting, sculpture and decoration and took part in some are exhibitions. I was proud of my high-class acquaintances in various fields.

……Inspite of this I was a sinner and transgressor, displeasing God both morally and spiritually. In my childhood I learned that God is forgiving and merciful, but that He also punishes severely and that I could not escape His wrath because of my disgraceful behavior. Yet the abundant and indescribable love of the merciful One found me, and He brought me back onto the true path before it was too late.

In the beginning I never understood that God in His rich mercy had provided the atonement for my sins personally. Of course I had read some things about Christ , like many millions of my people, but my information was shallow and incomplete until I obtained a Holy Bible in my beautiful Arabic language. Upon thorough consideration and sincere examination I found it to be the true book of God written by holy men inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. I understood that the Book itself was translated from the old manuscripts which are available even today; and more importantly, the contents of the Holy Book is God's Truth for the benefit of the whole world. From this dear book of God I learned about the most high God's personal love for me as a sinner, and about Christ's death who sacrificed Himself to atone for my transgressions and iniquities. I learned also that I can receive forgiveness and pardon of my sins if I accepted this "Truth and believed on Jesus Christ, peace be upon HIM. "Alaihe Al'Salam.".

A violent struggle followed between the things I had learned at home and the Divine Truth I had found in God's Holy Word, the Bible. I was under conviction for my sins and I longed for a life of holiness and righteousness. During my search of assurance of Salvation and forgiveness I saw the Savior, stretching out His hands to heal the wounds of sin, who is able to set me free from the bondage of sin. It was a struggle between the old blind-minded fanatical man clinging to traditions, and between receiving the New Life which is in Christ. I reasoned……..that if God Almighty had prepared the way for my salvation and redemption of my sins - why not accept it?

Thank God for the light of the true faith which invaded my heart. This light was far more superior than my sincere examinations and efforts to reach the truth. I believed in Christ with all my heart and lifted up my heart in prayer and supplication to God, the compassionate and merciful one "Al'Rahman Al'Rahim", with intercession to forgive my sins and iniquities. I asked g to transform me and made me a new creation, making me different from the old in both words and in deeds. Thank Almighty g (the Precious One) that by grace and faith He has answered my prayer.

I have now come to enjoy God's true acceptance of me and the privilege of coming near to the Most High in supplications and prayers. My life has become meaningful. Before, I thought I wasn't going to live long, but now…….I feel a surge of activity and enthusiasm to live and honor the One who loved me and gave Himself for me as atonement for my sins to set me free, to cleanse me. So I can now know and enjoy God's pleasure and care.

Dear readers - brothers and sisters. We have many things in common. You may be seeking to please God or maybe you are under a load of sin and searching for the truth. You may be seeking life in all its fullness and abundance, desiring to get rid of your fanatical attitude and open your heart to the light of the true faith. Come to the love of God and believe in Christ as your personal Savior. Hear Him say to you; "I have come that you may have life in all its fullness" and He invites; "Come to me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." I trust you will accept HIS personal invitation of love to you, before the time is too late.

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