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Some months later in Nazareth...
Caesar Augustus has issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman Empire, every family head has to go to his hative town to register.
Again? Another trick of the Romans! think they want to raise the taxes...
..or they want to find out how many men. could rise up to rebel against them!
David's family, to whom I belong, came from Bethlehem. I must go there!
It won't be long before Mary will give birth, so I'll take her with me,
Some days later...
Finally! Bethlehem!
So many people! Joseph, where do we find a room?
With some of my relatives. You can count on that. But first let me fullfill all the formalities.
In the census office....
Line up! Pay attention! False statements will be severly punished!
Tesse, I'm furious! I, as a descendant of King David is being forced to give account to these Romans! Believe me, their power won't last much longer!
A new star has been found. What if that means that the Messiah
is coming?
Remember Balaam's prophecy: "A star, shall come out of Israel and he will be a great ruler."


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