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Oh, look how terrible. They have beaten Jesus! And we thought He was the Messiah we were waiting for! You want to force me into sentencing Jesus to be crucified. You take Him and crucify Him yourselves! As for me, I find Him innocent! We have no longer the right to execute...but according to our law, He must die because He claims to be the Son of God Be careful, Pilate! You're getting yourself into trouble! He claims to be a king. So He opposes Caesar in Rome! If you set Him free, you'll no longer be a friend of Caesar. Don't persist in defending this Innocent man. The leader of His people want Him dead at any cost...if you set Him free, they'll complain to Emperor Tiberias about you Please, don't risk your position! A Jew more or less, what's that to you? Citizens of Jerusalem, shall I crucify your King? We have no king, but Caesar of Rome!


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