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autosotericism: Belief in and pursuit of salvation by self-effort.
gnosis: Knowledge.  Commonly used with reference to an intuitive knowledge wherein the seeker is believed to discover his true, divine identity.
mysticism: Belief in and pursuit of unification with ultimate reality through trained intuition or mystical experiences.  "An experience is not held to be mystical if the divine power is apprehended as simply 'over-against' one - wholly distinct and 'other.'  There must be a unifying vision, a sense that somehow all things are one and share a holy, divine, and single life, or that one's individual being merges into a Universal Self, to be identified with God or the mystical One." (The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, s.v. "Mysticism, Nature, and Assessment of," by Ronald W. Hepburn.)
monism: Belief that everything that exists is one, partaking of the same essence and reality.
pantheism: "All is God" - belief that God and the world are ultimately identical.
quietism: Belief in and practice of passive contemplation on God as man's highest attainment.  It has appeared historically in Christianity as well as Islam.
theism: Belief in one personal creator who is independent from, and sovereign over, the world.
This article first appeared in the Fall 1985 issue of the Forward magazine (which became the Christian Research Journal).

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