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This noble institution was a direct outgrowth of the massacres of 1860. The Knights of St. John in Berlin sent Count Bismarck Bohlen who hastened to send medical aid and nurses to the sufferers from the massacres. They began their work in Sidon and then removed to Beirut where Fuad Pasha gave them a tract of land, a rocky hillside where they built a commodious hospital. The nurses are a corps of nine deaconesses from Kaiserswerth, and the physicians the American medical professors in the Syrian Protestant College. The site is salubrious and cheerful and thousands of patients, indoor and outside-clinical, have blessed its founders and attendants for forty-four years. A local Curatorium of Germans, British, and Americans, is the organ of communication with the Order of the Knights of St. John in Berlin. The Emperor William II, on his visit to Beirut in 1898, conferred a decoration upon Rev. George E. Post, M. D., the dean of the American faculty.