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Sommer's Testimony (Islam)

Christ Changed My Life

Unlike many of my brothers and sisters on this website, I had attended Church as a child. This was only during the summer time though, when I visited my mother's parents in The USA. I grew up in Kuwait with a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Having a Muslim father required me to study Islam. I remember the confusion at such a young age.

I thought Jesus died on the cross, but I had friends who strongly disputed this. We were only in primary (or elementary) school. By the time I was nine years old, I had a nice and pleasant Arabic tutor who was a Muslim.

 She did not only help me with my homework, she took me on picnics and other trips with her family and neighbors. I thought of becoming a Muslim by the time I was eleven and she was my tutor until the end of that year.

At age twelve and on I was in confusion again, but I decided that loving God was important. I was easily occupied by a good group of friends. Even in my later teen years I went to parties where there was dancing with both sexes. My mother would always make sure that there was a parent at the party. Most of the time these parents were scared when I arrived, because I was female and Kuwaiti. I never got into trouble, as far as drinking or drugs or even sex. I felt like I was a pretty good person.

I woke up to find the truth, when I had graduated from high school. This was the same year that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. I was saddened and hurt by what was going on. I was in America with my family. I had friends who were stuck in the country and some of them were Palestinian and Jordanian! One of my Palestinian friends had to give up her jewelry and beautiful clothing, before leaving. I would cry every night feeling like I was in the same identity crisis that started when I was thirteen. Eventually, all of my friends made it safe through the Gulf War, but one of my Palestinian friends lost her father due to unhappiness of leaving Kuwait. Life was unfair, I became angry at everyone, especially at the journalists. I thought that once Kuwait was free, I would be happy again, but it was not true. It would never be the same. My friends were supposed to be my enemies, though they had nothing to do with Saddam. Some of my friends decided they were my enemies, but two stayed loyal. In all this mess, I asked God what was going on. I began to have a hate for people in general. The nice person that I thought I was, was no longer there.

I was not a nice person and I was very lonely. However, God was not about to leave me in the dark. I was going to Church, since I could easily in America. I was asking questions, but at the time Christians got on my nerves. I felt like they were finding excuses for their sins by saying Jesus forgives. I decided I was not going to think about Christians or Muslims. I was going to compare the Quran and the Bible, and look at the men of these religions. Here was Muhammad who said in the Quran that other men could only have four wives, but he was special, he could have more. As a female, I was also questioning the idea of virgins in Heaven (the houri.) If women went to Heaven to why was nothing specific in the Quran about her rewards? And wine was all right in Heaven but not on Earth. Isn't what is wrong on Earth still wrong in Heaven? Then I looked to Jesus and saw a man who was not self serving, never married because he knew he would die soon, and also he loved his enemies. He even spoke to the dirtiest people, the prostitutes and the tax collectors. He even loved them and wanted to forgive them. I let this become personal and realized he forgave my dark and hateful heart. If he could do that I had to forgive the Iraqi soldiers for our property damage. I was nineteen years old, when I excepted Jesus as Lord. However, it would take me another year to forgive the man himself, Saddam Hussein. The Holy Spirit worked in my heart, and taught me to love people, even with all of their problems. I thank the Lord for what I have been through, and I now know what God wanted. He did not want me to be a Christian just in name, or because of my mother or American culture. God wanted me to be his in truth and in love, no matter where I go. If you ever feel so hateful, that you think it would destroy your soul, turn to Jesus. It doesn't matter where you are from, or what you have done, he has come to save the world through his death and resurrection, not to condemn it. I can say that the Lord has blessed me with good friends, even though I have moved to three different cities in America due to my husband's work. Still, Jesus is the best friend anyone could have. If you don't know him, please give him a try.

Peace be with you Sommer 

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