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Hilda's Testimony (Maronite)

The Testimony of Hilda From Beirut

I was born in Beirut in 1965. When I was 9, the war started, and with it, the long devastating years of all the Lebanese started. With this war, and my house in the midst of demarcation line, questions began to haunt me day and night. Is this life? Death was our daily bread, tears and destruction everywhere.

My parents, being from Christian background, could not answer my questions as they themselves did not experience Jesus as their Saviour. I started to look in all directions, not knowing that Jesus Himself was looking for me. My elder sister at that period experienced Jesus and told me about him. But, I wanted to be sure of this new, born again thing, so I started asking God to reveal Himself to me. I wanted to know peace that these believers claim. I wanted life and eternity.

After reaching the edge of death myself for three times, I tearfully asked Jesus to take over my life Jeremiah 29:13. At that specific moment on 25 April 1982, no words

can explain, no books can describe what Jesus did to my life! John 14:27

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