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What has his paralysis to do with his sins?
Jesus knows that his soul is worse than his body...
Do you hear what He says? That's blasphemy!
Who can forgive sins but God alone?
I know what you are thinking. Tell me: Which is easier, to say to this man: your sins are forgiven....
Or to say: get up and walk home?
don't have an answer, but I know for sure that both things are very difficult and really need the power of God
It's better to be silent and I'll wait and see.
Get up! Take up your mat and go home!
Glory and thanks to God!
You all will witness that the Son of man has authority to forgive sins! This paralytic will be the proof!
Astonishing! Son of man He calls himself. Don't forget it! What's He hiding from us?
In His visions the prophet Daniel spoke of One like the Son of man who is God and man but at the same time! I really wonder.


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