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A few days later, in Magdala, a village not far from Capernaum, before the house of the rich man Simon.....
Simon, this Jesus is coming here. We would like you to help us... listen carefully.
We are investigating Him. When you invite Him to dinner, we could observe Him more closely
That's fine with me. Come in and rest from your journey.
This evening He'll be with the Pharisees... I'll make myself ready. This day will be a very spécial one for me.
Jesus of Nazareth, welcome to our village. Your fame travels ahead of you.
When Jesus arrives, the whole village is waiting for Him.
Here He is... the famous Jesus, Who does not look down on anybody, not even on women of my kind! I feel irresistibly drawn to Him. I wish I could talk to Him privately
Thave invited all the prominent people for dinner. Please honor us with your presence.
I accept your invitation.


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