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On the shore of Lake Genesareth, Jesus meets the crowds, who wish to hear him... One day, He takes them to a remote place and speaks to them until evening...
Jesus, it is getting late and there's no village nearby. Send the people that they can buy/ somé food.
Philip, we should give them food!
Where can we
buy so much food?
Jesus, you want to offer food to all of them?...That would cost more than 200 silver coins!
Everyone should have brought (food just as this boy, who has five loaves of bread and two fish!..
Call that boy and let's distribute the food.
But so little for so many people?
Go and distribute these loaves and fish to all of them,
That was good! Look, I have food left!
Have the people sit down on the grass to eat!
Blessed are you, oh God, for making the earth produce food.
Eat all of you, and enjoy it!
Fantastic! What a great picnic!


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