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After everybody has eaten enough...
Gather the left-overs, don't waste anything
Ten...eleven...twelve baskets full of bread.
Enormous, what
this Jesus has done! Enough food for so many with so little at first!
Meanwhile, some are discussing the event...
That reminds me of the prophet Elijah in his days.
Yes, our holy books inform us that one day he fed a hundred persons with only two loaves and also had left-overs like we
had today. Could Jesus be the new
Sure! He
the long
must be
awaited Messiah!
Pass the word around; we want Jesus to be our king.
Let's gather around
our king.
We form an army...with him as our leager and we drive the
Romans away
But Jesus recognized that they intended to make him their king by force...
I shall escape, they are beside themselves... misunderstood my message....dreaming
about a fighting Messiah... as the night approaches I shall go into the mountains!
Some time afterwards, Jesus leads His disciples to the north of the region of Caesarea (nowadays called the Golan Heights) near Mount Hermon.


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