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Jesus' cause is lost. I, Judas, had put my future on His success hoped that He, as Messiah, would lead the Liberation Movement... instead of that He gives in... I've been deceived. If I don't watch it, all will be lost. I've decided to hand Him over to you.

Judas... you do our nation a great service... we're much obliged to you. The only way to succeed now... It's me, Judas.... is to go over to His enemies and to help them to arrest Him. It's a deal! Thirty silver coins! That's the price... that we are willing to pay you for delivering Jesus to us! Be careful: not in public, for the crowds might protect Him and then arresting Him will be impossible.

I believe the authorities might be right! Jesus might endanger our nation! Some days afterwards, at night..... LONG I've made up my mind!" Good, Judas, you've kept your promise. The money is here; now wait for the right moment. Preferably at night... that's our time!


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