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2 This was the approximate Islamic population when this book was published in 1921. Today the Muslim population is estimated be between 800 million to one billion.
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12 Due to lack of space this argument cannot be pursued here. The interested reader may write to the author in care CRI for further information on this.
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17 e.g. Mani, in the third century, claimed to be the "Paraclete" or the "Comforter" spoken of by Jesus in John 14:16, 26. The Baha'is, originating from within Islam itself, likewise believe that their founder Baha'u'llah was foretold in the Bible. And the Mormons believe that Ezekiel prophesied the coming of one of their scriptures, The Book of Mormon.
18 They also believe that the Qur'an refers to this in Surah 7:157.
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27 The Greek word "Paracletos" may be translated as "comforter," "counselor," "advocate," or "helper."
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This article first appeared in the Fall 1985 issue of the Forward magazine (which became the Christian Research Journal).

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