How Their Lives Changed

  • Fatima's Testimony (Islam)

    Fatima's Testimony Listen to Fatima's testimony who is from Algeria who is a former Muslim.
  • Sommer's Testimony (Islam)

    Christ Changed My Life Unlike many of my brothers and sisters on this website, I had attended Church as a child. This was only during the summer time though, when I visited my mother's parents in The USA. I grew up in Kuwait with a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Having a Muslim father required me to study Islam. I remember the confusion at such a young age. I thought Jesus died on the cross, but I had friends who strongly disp...
  • Jacqueline's Testimony - a nun (Catholic)

    From a Nun's Convent to Biblical Conversion Forty five years of my life were spent as a Roman Catholic; twenty-two of them as a nun in an enclosed convent dedicated to adoration, reparation and suffering. I believed it was a nun's calling to be a miniature savior of the world like Jesus Christ. After attending Catholic elementary school for eight years and memorizing catechism which is the Roman Catholic textbook, I believed in my heart that...
  • Joseph Abraham's Testimony (Islam)

    Can A Muslim Know For Sure? Dear Muslim friend, Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Joseph Abraham -- previously Mahmoud kamalEldeen Mujahed. Having come to the truth after many years of searching, I believe God is leading me to share with others what He has done for me through His holy Word -- the Bible. Please be patient in reading my letter. I am Egyptian by birth, born in a Muslim home. My father was a Muslim priest (sheikh)...

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